How Spirituality Supports Goal Achievement

My previous blog ‘ All Goal Achievement Requires the Application of Science’ touches on the contribution of Spirituality in goal achievement. I go into more detail here to explain my perspective. In my therapy work I have observed that spiritual clients can draw on their spiritual beliefs for more rapid healing and are much less likely to get stuck. 

What is Spirituality?

Your Spirituality is an aspect of you that is tuned into the idea, or feels an inner knowing, that there is something greater than you. There is an awareness that your human senses don’t tell you the full story about the universe. You feel there is more to you than your mind and body. 

Spirituality embraces the belief that we are more than just physical human beings having a physical experience in the realm of matter. We are also spiritual beings, who are part of an unseen spiritual realm which is energetic in nature, rather than material. This spiritual realm is in essence a vast positive energy source of creativity and organised intelligence. 

To be spiritual means that you believe, sense or’ know’ that there is this all encompassing invisible, positive, intelligent energy and we are all an integral part of it. Each integral part of the whole is equally important and equally necessary to the whole. It is arguably the same creator energy that some call Creator or God, Buddha or Mother Nature, Great Spirit etc . As you are an aspect of this intelligence you can call on this energy directly for guidance and assistance in your own creations.

E-motions are Energy in Motion. Positive emotions are high frequency creative energy, and are required for goal achievement. At the opposite end of the spectrum are negative low frequency emotions which are protective or destructive. 

Your Spiritual journey is unique and personal to you, based on your own explorations and life experiences. Other people’s beliefs can be useful guidance, but only take from them what resonates and discard the rest. Your own beliefs are yours to make, as they will then make you. 

What’s the difference between Spirituality and Religion?

Spirituality is not a religion, and does not require that you follow any particular faith. However, all religions require a belief in spirit and ‘spiritual’ practices are therefore compatible with all religions.

Being religious involves connecting to a divine entity which is separate from and outside of you. Guided by the higher knowledge of the religious leaders, you adhere to a specific code set out for believers, you follow rules, and you endorse a set of connected beliefs. There is an emphasis on teaching and knowledge.

On the other hand, spirituality is more concerned with gaining wisdom through your own unique experiences. You can find, explore and grow to understand an important aspect of yourself, and how you relate to the universe. Spirituality is based on the premise that you are an aspect of, and can communicate directly with Spirit/Creator, without the structure or intermediary of a religion. 

Spirituality’s core values are typically aligned with love, inclusiveness,  freedom and a relationship to thoughts and emotions, and so will often have values in common with many Religions. However, whereas Spirituality focusses very much on living in (and experiencing) the present moment, a religion may encourage us to invest in the future, so that we can go to heaven (or some comparable afterlife).

 Why pursue a spiritual path?

An interesting teaching in many ancient wisdom traditions is: ‘Knowing the truth will set you free’. Many people are drawn to independently explore the truth about spirituality because of a sense of dissatisfaction with life, a sense that something is not right, there is something missing, or because they are struggling and feeling stuck, while others seem to be born with their spiritual connection intact. Either way, exploring this ‘truth about their reality’ sets them on a path to a higher consciousness (vibrating at a higher more positive frequency) achieving  a closer relationship with their higher self, spiritual family and Creator. Through their growing connection with Spirit, they find their own way to their optimum potential and self- healing, whether that is for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual goals.

The highest goals for spirituality are unconditional self-love, unconditional love of others, and to treat all others with loving kindness. Unconditional self-love generates a high vibration and is strongly correlated with personal success in all areas of life. For almost all of my clients, lack of unconditional self-love  was blocking their progress. Achieving that goal often resolved all of their seemingly unconnected problems. 

An important rationale behind the goal of unconditional love of others is the spiritual belief that each and every human being is an integral part of one whole, no separation – a collective consciousness. If we are all interconnected on a spiritual, energetic level, the thoughts and actions of each individual affects the whole. 

The experiences of any collective consciousness (team, family, town, nation etc.) will be a match to the combined energies/vibrations/frequencies of the group as a whole. The winning football team will probably be the one with the highest positive vibration. That is why they need motivational coaches and cheer leaders and unwavering supporters! So the higher the percentage of people in a community that are focusing on positive thoughts, emotions and outcomes, the more positive goals will be successfully achieved both personally and for the group!

Another consequence of interconnectedness is that if you harm another, you are also harming yourself, because that negative energy brings down the frequency of yourself and the group as a whole. It is therefore decidedly to your advantage to prefer to be loving and kind to others! 

These spiritual beliefs about our true reality underlie what is known as ‘The Golden Rule’: ‘Treat others as you would like others to treat you.’ Or as my Grandmother taught me: ‘ Do as you would be done by.’ 

“Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics” Albert Einstein. 1879-1955


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