Christine’s Guided Imagery Course

Self healing is an innate ability that we all have, and are required to use for our own wellbeing, but it can be a lonely journey, and we all do better with a helping hand. I would like to introduce you to a Guided Imagery Audio Course I have put together for the Sylvan Healing Sanctuary.

It is a simple and yet powerful set of techniques and tools for use in everyday life to help you:

  • Quickly and effectively reach a place of calm and relaxation at anytime. 
  • Set in place a ‘confidence trigger’ that can be used time and time again to overcome obstacles and that nagging internal voice that can zap confidence.
  • Let go of old wounds and difficult memories and reveal your true, authentic, confident self that was there all along.

I have exclusively designed this unique programme so that even absolute beginners and those relatively new to the world of healing and personal self development can master the techniques. For those with more experience, you’ll find that undertaking the programme will serve to augment and support your ongoing healing journey and equip you with greater control over your own personal self healing. 

Anybody can benefit because we are all constantly learning and growing. One of the most rewarding things we can ever do is to learn from our experiences and do better tomorrow than we did today. 

Guided imagery is a powerful personal development technique which is non-prescriptive, guiding you to find your own inner wisdom and the right answers for you. 

The beauty of this technique is that the work is done in the privacy of your own mind!

The Course includes three Guided Imagery Audios covering the following topics. Each one prepares you for the next as you progress on your own healing journey.

Session 1

Relaxing on Purpose

You will learn some simple physical techniques to guide your body and mind into relaxation. Continued practice will enable you to create and develop the skill to experience a calmer state during your normal day and to access your inner being for self-healing work when required. 

Session 2

Reactivate the best version of you

Every baby is born into the world confident and expecting their needs to be met – they don’t hesitate to ask loudly! Over time, with the challenges of life, that confidence can be eroded. This session will help you to build your future based on your past successes and restore your confident self.

Session 3

Release emotional baggage

Unfortunately, life experiences sometimes create negative triggers making you feel an unhelpful emotion, often quite unexpectedly and at a most inconvenient moment! This session will help you to let go of these stuck emotions so that you can release these blocks to being the best version of you.